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What is Saem’s Blog?

This is Saem's Blog official logo
This is Saem’s Blog official logo

Saem’s Blog is a non-profit, Word of God dividing mission in an 18 year-old’s heart that came to be more than he bargained for. 5 years later, it has grown and become an influential means to  share the Gospel in his local community in Nairobi, Kenya. Outreach being via blog posts and musical means, the list is just starting to get full…


Life. Anthropopathically explored, since we are but stewards of this gift. Its Giver, the Life-breather: is the Life. Sharing on its issues, straight from the heart, in the hope that someone out there gets to experience His Life. Choose to live and not die no more.


Music. Amongst the only aesthetics of earth that we shall also get to experience in heaven. The beautiful universal language, traversing humane and inhumane barriers, be it that a message need be delivered. We here. use it to channel our meditations on the Word and His promises to us, to all who would hearken to an edifying tune. Listen and learn.


Truth. Like a lion, it does not need a defense. The greatest consolation being that the Lion of Judah, the great champion, is the Way, the TRUTH and the Life. His Word is Truth, and from that Word shall we share. By that Truth shall we stand, so help us God.


Love. The embodiment of all of God’s actions and His very being. The one virtue that’ll cover a multitude of sins. The binding permanent (wood) glue between a fallen creation and a merciful, gracious, Holy Being. Behold, what manner of Love the Father has lavished upon us, now His children.

Saem’s Blog, the Home of Truth, Life, Love and Music and where we keep it all about Jesus Christ


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“Your joy and love in and for God comes through so clearly”
Kate H..

“Beautiful, life-transforming truth. I pray many who read this will come to know Him and be set free”
Jennifer A.

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ALAS: Worship Me

Self-love is good, but it definitely needs a context. If it isn’t based from the truths of God’s Word, it is the Garden of Eden scene all over again, and we verily know how that ended. So, what do we do when the world beckons us to worship self? #saemsblog #saemstunes #saemspodcast