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What is Saem’s Blog?

Saem’s Blog is a non-profit, Word of God dividing mission in an 18 year-old’s heart that came to be more than he bargained for. 3 years later, it has grown and become an influential means to  share the Gospel in his local community in Nairobi, Kenya. Outreach being via blog posts and musical means, the list is just starting to get filled.

Read more >> … and find out how you can plug in to and be a part of this vision.

Also, we have been working on material to help sprouting writers who are well on their way into blogging to start off well. Our journey to where we are, even today, is one that was riddled with a lot of struggles we could have easily avoided. We love our readers and aspiring writers and would want their journeys to be somewhat easier . Below is a link to the latest edition of document series we have been doing. Feel free to get back to us on what you have read.

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