Avail-able to Be

Hebrews 11:1 starts by sharing these 2 common words; Now faith

This Christian path we walk has always been about faith, even from the very start. Like the starting statement, faith is most fulfillingly accomplished in the “Now” time. When Abram was called by God to a land that He would show him, He wasn’t hesitant. The ‘Father of faith’ went immediately after the call, as shared in Genesis 12:4. He didn’t know where he was being called to, but was responsive to the call of God… in faith. So, what do we define faith as…in layman’s terms?

Faith has been well described in the aforementioned verse. To that definition, I have nothing to add. Only expounding from the same. So, faith is trusting God for His Promise(s) and trusting that He is faithful to accomplish it/them.

It pleases God when we trust Him. When we rely on Him. Trusting God does put our faith in action… or rather, it sets the ball of faith rolling. “What action?” … you may ask. Well, that action is our response in faith. What we do in faith for what we hope for.

What do I mean? This ‘action’ means that, since we have put our trust in God, we will avail ourselves to experience eg the challenge, trial w/faith that God will faithfully stick to His Promise(s). That we will respond in action from the assurance, that His Promises still stand, is itself an act of faith. That is what we call ‘availing oneself’, better put as being avail-able.

Availing yourself to experience the challenge does not mean that you’ve given in to the “inevitables“. That you’ve succumbed to letting yourself ‘be eaten alive‘, ‘be burnt alive‘. Listen friend, that the royal sceptre be held out or not is not yours to worry. There’s a Higher power at play here – God – higher and more sure than our intuition’s action plan. Surer than our gut feeling or our Plan B to Z. Availing yourself will require of you to hold on to His Promises. When we do so, it shows that we are surrendered out to Him. That our full trust is in God

Being available is not as a result of your strength. Not even as a result of how successful your endeavors (works) have been. Nope! Don’t be deceived. It is as a result of God being faithful, including to Himself. The result of this? God will still remain faithful to see you through your commitment… ie your availability for His purpose. So, what should we confide in? When we are asked where lies our trust… what shall we answer? Our strength, or God’s Faithfulness?

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Thus, if not our strength, then we should be confident in God’s Faithfulness in all things. As a matter of fact we should be, in God. To be? Yes! To be! Availing oneself is not only a matter of works but also of being. Not only just walking in God’s promises but also being (in every aspect, including walking ) in God’s Promises.

We are called to be, not to work it out. God does call. He indeed has called us to be…what, for example? Obedient (Romans 6:16). Righteous (Psalm 106:3). Still (Exodus 14:14). Blameless (Genesis 17:1). Loving (1 John 4:7)… and so much more, including being available (hence this post’s title). We are called to be. And to be we should. We must!

Be when God calls you. The actions we do are subsequent of our being. May our being be subject to our surrender to God…because faith is not only belief but also reliance. May we be, in God. That is why availing yourself is otherwise described as.”…just being there…” …avail yourself where He (God) has called you to BE.

So, what are our main take-aways?

  1. Be responsive to the call of God
  2. Be found available when He calls
  3. Be, in God.

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