Honor in Reading the Word

Today,I experienced something waaay humbling: was honored for reading the text wellby the audience that heard itSuch a simple thing, not much even, but it was considered something that even contributed to the event"Whatever you do, work at it as if for the Lord and not for men" really came alive for me today!Being faithful …

ALAS: Worship Me

Self-love is good, but it definitely needs a context. If it isn't based from the truths of God's Word, it is the Garden of Eden scene all over again, and we verily know how that ended. So, what do we do when the world beckons us to worship self? #saemsblog #saemstunes #saemspodcast

Desiring God, for God

How do we correctly channel inspiration from the Holy Spirit? Is it truly possible to seek God for God, and not just for His benefits? Do we believe that, per our actions? Join us as we explore this conversation on desiring God, even in the way we desire to be inspired.