Hey there, 

So, you wanna share your piece right here on Saem’s Blog? Partner with us in writing by emailing us with what your article, post, podcast et cetera, is all about and any details you wanna share with us.

…or, you can simply get to send the piece to us, attached with a document (.doc/.txt type preferably) explaining what the piece is all about.

We’ll get back to you in response via email.

Hoping to hear from you any minute now, ain’t that right? 😉

So, what is the aim of all this?

Saem’s Blog aims at reaching out far to bring closer home. Going deeper into the heart, to float it above the storms that this life may bring our way. Sharing that there is only one way to God, Jesus Christ…and pointing us each time to go for Jesus, no matter what. Looking forward to do much more of that in 2019.


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