Saem’s Tunes

I pray that when people hear it, they say at the very least ‘man I’m glad that someone else feels that way too.

~ Jonathan McReynolds~

Saem’s prayer that reiterates in what he does is that he and all he does glorifies God.

In so doing, while he would be at it, he’d be growing… and glorifying God more whilst pursuing excellence.

Whilst he says he can’t point out one moment where he can boldly say that “This is where it all started…“, he adds that there is so much more up ahead…and that he’s assured of God’s goodness.

Be encouraged! He started from nothing… and by God’s grace, he testifies that so much has happened, he can only worship God in thanksgiving, and be expectant for more

Click below to listen to some of his projects/songs:

Not Lucky I’m Loved (cover)

O Holy Night (cover) 


Amenifanyia Amani (cover) 

Praise The Lord (impromptu vocal warm-up with friends) 

For Your Glory/Amen ft Joel Mwangala, Mark Waihura

Stay tuned for more…


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